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Application Details


iBaby is a simple baby monitor that detects noise in a quiet room. It can be used to enhance existing baby monitors already in the home, or taken with you for sleep overs for extra peace of mind.
Once activated the device will monitor the area for any sound, and when triggered, will ring a nominated number to enable you to listen to your baby.

- Child friendly graphics!
- Soothing night light
- Stops iphone from going into sleep mode
- Logs all sound events by date and time
- Unlimited range

iBaby is designed to be an aid and should not be used as a substitute
for responsible and proper adult supervision.

Do not place your iphone near the baby or in a cot, the application
is sensitive enough to be left in a room away from the baby.
Please note network coverage may effect the the application.

We recommend turning on call forwarding when using this application, an incoming call will disable the application temporarily (and may wake your baby!).

We recommend your phone to be on a charger whilst in use, you will receive no notice that the batteries are low.

Application Instructions

Once the application is open it's best to go straight to the settings area to set up the device

As you can see from the screengrabs above, you have five areas to set:

// Phone no.

This is the number you want the device to ring once the application has been activated

// ReArm

This reArms the application once you have hung-up the last call

// Sensitivity

Slide the small viewer to the desired sound level required to activate the application and call the designated number.

// Logging

A reporting log so you can see when the applicationhas been activated

Once setup return to the home screen. Arm the device by pressing tiggers nose! This will turn red to indicate the phone is now armed.